Materials we'll use

These are the materials we'll use in this course. I've linked to the websites where I buy my materials in the Netherlands, if you live elsewhere you can get almost everything through Amazon.


The Nikko G nib is a perfect nib for beginners as it's flexible but still sturdy. Get it through Splendith, Penstore or Amazon.

Nib holders:

If you're left handed you will probably like a straight nib holder best, I use this one. For righties I recommend an oblique holder. This simple plastic one is perfect to get started. You can also find the straight or oblique holder through Amazon.


Sumi ink is very black and has a perfect, smooth consistency. I get it through Splendith or Penstore. Non-Dutchies can find it on Amazon.


I like to pour ink from a bigger bottle in a small jar, because getting larger quantities of ink will work out cheaper in the long run. The jars I get offline from art store Van der Linde (they don't sell them online), but Splendith also has these amazing little 'dinky dips'. And again, what can't you find on Amazon!? ;)


This HP laserprint paper is very smooth and the ink doesn't bleed into the paper. It's relatively affordable to practise on, instead of buying expensive practice pads. I get it through a webshop called Office Deals, but you can also get it on Amazon.

To clean the nib when I first start using it, I use simple glass cleaner like Glassex. And I always have a potato at hand for when my ink stops flowing smoothly. You just put the nib in a potato for a few seconds and this will improve the ink flow. Another thing that is good to have near is some kitchen roll! Make sure to use high quality lint-free kitchen paper so the lint doesn't get in your nib. I use a brand called Nalys and I just buy it at the supermarket.

Some other tools that I didn't mention in the video but we will use later on, are gouache (I will link to some of my favourite gouache paints when we get to that chapter), a pencil, an eraser and some thick card stock to make our own postcard.

If you have any questions about the materials, I have created a dedicated space in our community to discuss all things materials. You can post your questions there and share tips and tricks about materials.

P.S.: some of the links in this chapter are affiliate links, meaning I will get a small percentage of each sale through these links. This doesn't change anything to the price for you. Thank you so much for using them and supporting my small business!